SBS Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Shop Small! The Small Business Saturday Holiday Gift Guide features products and offerings from University of Pittsburgh Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) clients. See what these businesses offer that would make great gifts for all ages, help you celebrate the season, and kickstart your 2023!

Food Gifts

Blanket & Board

Pittsburgh, PA • Black-owned/Woman-owned

Blanket & Board is an award-winning event planning company created by social worker Tierra Thorne that provides pop-up, luxury picnics in the city of Pittsburgh. Blanket & Board’s mission is to uplift the at-risk populations in the community by highlighting local non-profits and donating a portion of our proceeds to programs that support equality and human rights.

Women’s Rights Box

Say hello to the Women’s Rights Box ❤️ 70% of the items featured in this box are sourced from small businesses that identify as women-owned, just like us here at B&B.  A portion of the proceeds from each box will be donated to a local organization that serves women & young girls.


Racial Justice Box

The Racial Justice Box features items from small businesses that identify as part of the Global Majority. 🤎 Specifically, people who are Black, Asian, Brown, dual-heritage, indigenous to the global south, and / or have been racialized as “ethnic minorities. A portion of the proceeds from each box sold will be donated to local organizations dedicated to racial justice.


Diversity Box

The Diversity Box features items that are as diverse as the theme itself. Items are sourced from a diverse group of small businesses that seek to celebrate our differences, similarities, and nuances. A portion of the proceeds from each box sold will be donated to an array of organizations that serve LGBT, Veteran, and populations with differing abilities.


Goodies Galore Custom Confections

Ambridge, PA • Woman-owned

Goodies Galore is owned and operated by Joelle Steiner with recipes have been perfected after years of testing and sampling (yum!). All of Goodies Galore’s sweet treats are made from scratch and hand-crafted with the freshest ingredients and a custom blend of chocolate.

Holiday Desserts

Options include:

  • Pecan Caramel Cheesecake
  • Triple Chocolate Creme Pie
  • Peanut Butter Brownie Torte
  • Oreo Cookie Dough Brownie Torte
  • Mud Pie Brookie
  • Monster Brookie.


Treat Boxes

Offerings include:

  • Deep Dish Cookie Treat Box
  • Holiday Treat Bag
  • Chocolate-covered Apple Rings
  • Cakesicle Treat Box
  • Holiday Treat Box


Goodie Trays

Small to Large Cookie Trays and Goodie Trays.



Pittsburgh, PA • Minority-owned/Woman-owned

SnackEver is a Pittsburgh-based family business that offers over 200 options of snacks online. SnackEver has options for all ages that adapt to different nutritional requirements and lifestyles, always caring for the wellbeing of our snack lovers.

The Holiday Box

A perfect box for the holidays! This little box contains an assortment of snacks, all nutritious, delicious, and healthy in your own way. Share this gift with others with free shipping!


Pretzel Lover

Who isn’t a fan of pretzels? This box brings 6 flavors, all assorted with great nutritional value! Plus, we’re giving you the option to choose which Savor by Suzie 5 oz. pretzel you’d like (the middle one). You can pick from the classic, sweet milk chocolate or the vegan, exquisite dark chocolate.


The Kalan Mix

The holidays are near, and sometimes you just need a crunchy mix. Introducing the Assorted Kalan Mix! It brings 6 different flavors of Kalan Mix (all include wafer pieces, dried fruit, chocolate chunks and delicious taste).


So Damn Good Spices logo

So Damn Good Spices

Pittsburgh, PA • Black-owned/Woman-owned

Owner Jeneen Wilson was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and was prescribed medication that sent her overall health downhill quickly. She and her husband sought alternative lifestyle changes to tackle this autoimmune disease, and along this journey, discovered the health benefits of turmeric. As an avid self-taught chef, she went into her kitchen and started experimenting with spices, and voila, So Damn Good Spice blends were born!

Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Bundle

Immune Boosting & Anti-inflammatory! You’ll be looking good, feeling good, and living good with the Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Spice & Tea Bundle. Curcumin is proven to be one of the most bioavailable and powerful anti-inflammatory substances on earth. This is the perfect way to start your mornings before work, and when the cold season hits. Get relief from inflammation and joint pain, fight the flu season, and stay healthy!


Tour of Turmeric

With this bundle, you can explore a variety of flavor profiles of turmeric. At the same time, it’s a perfect gift for someone trying to incorporate turmeric into their lifestyle. So whether you’re in for a bold and spicy or a mild and sweet journey, this is the bundle for you!


Golden Turmeric Bundle


TC Candy

Pittsburgh, PA • Woman-owned

TC Candy built a thriving business from scratch and is proud to offer the highest quality, most unique handmade chocolate candy on the market today. From our family to yours, we put lots of love and careful attention in each item.

Bailey’s Bark

Our #1 Seller! Our Bailey’s Bark is an intense infusion of bold and complex flavors. Crunched pretzels in rich milk chocolate with a sweet, creamy, soft caramel is coupled with our rich milk chocolate and dusted with Sea Salt, while the caramel pairs with our rich milk chocolate and is topped with the unexpected boldness of Sea Salt.


Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Old-fashioned familiar pretzel knots are baked to crispy perfection, dusted with a hint of salt, then drenched in our rich milk chocolate.

4 pack: $3.50; 12 pack: $9.00

Assorted Milk Chocolate

Handmade Milk Chocolate Assorted Box cordial cherries, coconut, nuts, meltaways, toffees, raisins and more!

1/2 lb.: $15.00; 1 lb.: $30.00

The Smokey City’s 412 BBQ/Uncle Jammy’s

Pittsburgh, PA • Black-owned

Set free your culinary creativity when you use our marvelously peculiar products. Unique flavor combinations and bold experiments (developed by Jamal Etienne-Harrigan, Uncle Jammy) enhance fish, beef, poultry and veggies alike. Uncle Jammy’s sauces, seasonings, and rubs will make even the most basic cook look like a Pitmaster.

Uncle Jammy’s

Hooray for IPA

Tangy Tomato-Mustard IPA Beer BBQ Sauce with IPA’s superior flavor with hints of Cayenne, Garlic and Onion.


Gold Dust

Mellow & Zesty with Mustardy body with a rounded Peppery flavor mixed with caramel-sweet molasses notes topped off with subtle licorice-like taste of Fennel. A pinch of Cayenne finishes it.


Steel City Fry Seasoning

Salty, Savory unbelievably rich, and smokey flavor with Cumin’s earthy, musky, flavor, Paprika’s fruity, slightly sweet notes, mellow-rounded Mustard flavor, including Peppery sharp flavor with a hint of Cayenne pepper.


Home, Art & Fashion

The Modern Steward

Pittsburgh, PA • Black-owned

Owners Kimberly and Larry have been assisting a wide range of clients, whose busy lives have caused them to overlook their daily clutter. The Modern Steward works with their clients to not only tidy up their homes, but also develop stress-free systems that make sure your home is cleaner and your life is easier.

Home Collection – Vibe Candle

Our hand poured 12 oz. candle – with notes of Orange Blossom, Egyptian Amber, and Shea – elevates any room. The simple, sleek, and classic vessel is  reusable as well. Here at The Modern Steward we believe every house should feel like “home.”


Home Collection – 5 Pack Microfiber Towels

Highly absorbent and remove dirt and dust with little or no chemicals. Microfiber towels are durable, long lasting, non-abrasive, and efficient at cleaning windows, furniture, mirrors, auto detailing, and more.


Clarise Fearn Art & Creative Wellness

Pittsburgh, PA • Woman-owned

Clarise Fearn is a Creative Wellness facilitator & Multi-disciplinary Artist currently based in Pittsburgh PA. She specializes in building spaces that inspire creative expression and internal world exploration.

Unapologetic Artist Affirmation Cards

This deck of 52 juicy color filled artist affirmations was created to help you step into your creative power and out of your comfort zone. The Perfect for creatives who love their inner child but aren’t afraid of adult language. Pull a card each day for inspiration, bring it to the studio for your clients to pull before class, or pull them out for Pre-Show rituals.


“Love Letter to Women” Print

  • 8″ x 10″: $12.00
  • 10.8″ x 13.44″: $25.00


Various options. Details: 5.25″ x 8.25″ Softcover Lay flat Notebook | Water-Resistant Cover | 144 pages | Blank pages.


Compostable Artifacts

Pittsburgh, PA • Woman-owned

Compostable Artifacts we are dedicated to providing people natural soaps, natural deodorants, natural lotions, and natural lip balm. Each one of our Skin Care Products & Beauty Products are sold in eco friendly packaging because each container is completely compostable container. These handmade products also make great eco friendly gifts.

Natural Product Starter Kit

The Starter Kit is designed for new & old customers that want to fully immerse themselves in our natural products! Of course, everything is handmade and supplied in eco friendly packaging that can be composted! Contains:

  • 4oz bar of soap
  • 70ml container of natural lotion
  • 70ml of natural deodorant
  • 0.3 oz natural lip balm (x3)


lip balm

Natural Lip Balm (3-Pack)

Our natural lip balm is made from eco-friendly, sustainable, and all natural ingredients. These ingredients include Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, and Beeswax. Available in scents: Eucalyptus, Orange, Peppermint, Tea Tree, and Lavender.



Natural Lotion (3-Pack)

Our natural lotion is made from eco-friendly, sustainable, and all natural ingredients. These ingredients include Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, and Beeswax. It has a yellow based color and comes in a dark themed eco friendly packaging. Available in Scents: Eucalyptus, Orange, Peppermint, Tea Tree, and Lavender.


Derive Home

Pittsburgh, PA • Woman-owned

Derive Home shops for and creates items for your home that are from your favorite life-inspired times, curated collections and customized for your home and business. Owner & Founder Ellie Harward is dedicated to helping both personal clients and businesses confidently refine their style.

Hand Written Message in a Mirror

Who needs a message in a bottle when you can have it reflecting in a mirror? This is the perfect gift for saving any cherished written moment. Pictured is a section of a letter from my grandmother to my mom. Up to 25 words can be captured and etched into the back of a 11″ hexagon mirror.


Pittsburgh Neighborhoods Mini Cheese Board

This cutting board is great for any Pittsburgh fan. It has the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh engraved in a 8″ x 4″ wood cutting board with romper cord to hang on your kitchen wall or counter top. The perfect gift for anyone who has Pittsburgh in their heart.


Pittsburgh AF Vintage Style Trucker Hat

Looking for a unique and statement-making accessory? This hat is made of 100% cotton and features a leather patch with laser engraved custom lettering. The style is unique and perfect for showing your local pride.


Franklin & Mercer Co.

Pittsburgh, PA

Franklin & Mercer Co. is a concept space, with a brick-and-mortar location in Lawrenceville, dedicated to providing easy access to premium menswear with best quality basics and lifestyle goods that are made well with a core emphasis on made in the USA denim.

Square Trade Goods Co. Candle

Hand poured in Richmond, VA. All ingredients made in the U.S.A. 16oz. of all-natural coconut wax. 50 – 60 hour burn time. Available in scents: Big Sur, Fir & Sage, Golden Cedar, Tobacco Black Pepper.


Raleigh Denim Workshop Martin Thin Taper Jean

Proprietary 13 oz. White Oak Cone Mills denim. VERY limited-edition. This denim is almost extinct. Hand-stamped, numbered leather-patch. Hand-signed inside on front pockets. Signature red chainstitch hem, sewn on RDW’s Union Special 43200G. Button fly. Selvage detail at coin pocket + back belt loop. Half-lined back pockets. Handcrafted in downtown Raleigh, NC, USA.


KATO’ The Ripper Shirt

The best fitting shirt with the cleanest lines you will ever find in a casual shirt, proudly called “The Ripper.” A shirt that will become better with every wash while maintaining a beautiful silhouette. Color: Dark Indigo.



Pittsburgh, PA • Woman-owned

Sabika is a second-generation company founded and led by women for everyone, our jewelry unlocks opportunities, inspires joyful confidence and celebrates the unique beauty in all of us.

Sabika FAVORITES Sabika Fun® Studs – Rose Gold

A little pop of rose gold in these favorite studs! Product Details:

  • Stone Size: 8.29mm — Sabika Fun®
  • Stone Color: Rose Gold
  • Setting Color: Rose Gold



Sabika FAVORITES Sabika Fun® Studs – Gold

On-trend and ready to wear, these new studs in Gold will be your new favorite! Product Details:

  • Stone Size: 8.29mm — Sabika Fun®
  • Stone Color: Gold
  • Setting Color: Gold


Sabika FAVORITES Sabika Fun® Studs – Silver

Shine bright in these new Silver Sabika Favorites! Product Details:

  • Stone Size: 8.29mm — Sabika Fun®
  • Stone Color: Silver
  • Setting Color: Bright Silver


Salon Blue

Swissvale, PA • Black-owned

Salon Blue is a unisex multi-texture hair salon and hair & scalp care provider. Salon Blue creates a comfortable, relaxed, and friendly salon environment with products to help transform your look and elevate your lifestyle.

Salon Blue Satin Pillow Case Set (x2)

Soft silky satin pillow case! For those who want to lay their beautiful hair on something extremely luxurious this is the item for you. Comes in sham style, and sold in a set of two pillow cases only. Standard pillow size. Available in 10+ colors.


Salon Blue Organics Oil (4 oz.)

Salon Blue Organics oil is designed to be a light total body moisturizer able to be applied from head to toe and everywhere in between. Made with natural moisturizers, and a clean citrus fragrance (instead of silicone’s) to truly nourish your hair and skin. It’s extreme versatility allows it to stand alone or be combined with other moisturizers and creams to create customized results.


Salon Blue Solid Satin Sleeve

Comfortable solid satin sleeve, cool to the touch and easy slip on design. It has great stretch-ability with a drawstring closure. Available in three attractive colors. Comes in one size with a strap you can tie at the nape and an adjustable drawstring closure at the opposite end.


Spring Street Studios

Zelienople, PA • Woman-owned

Spring Street Studios is a woman owned and operated retail store and teaching studio in Zelienople PA. Founded in 2021, Spring Street Studios offers local handmade art for sale as well as production and teaching studios focusing on fused and stained glass.

Single Rocks Glass by Sharvin Glass

A perfect gift for the whiskey lover. Hand blown in Pittsburgh Pa by Blown Away’s contestant John Sharvin. Each glass is hand blown by John in a custom fabricated mold. The unique shapes enhance both the visual effect and the taste of your favorite drink. Price per single glass. All handmade items have slight variation. Tri foot and duo foot options.


Mosaic to Go Kit

Great for all ages! Each Mosaic to Go Kit contains everything needed to complete a mosaic entirely at home. Each bag includes a plexiglass backing, silicone, glass, grout and instructions. Simply glue and grout to create your mosaic. Glass colors will vary based on availability. Various shapes available.


Pittsburgh Spoon Rest

Handmade fused glass spoon rest featuring the drawings of KloRebel Art. Each spoon rest is hand cut, printed, and fused in Zelienople, PA with an enamel printed skyline. All pieces are food safe. Hand wash recommended. Handmade items may have slight variance in design. Smithfield Street Bridge and Downtown Pittsburgh options.


Stories Like Me

Pittsburgh, PA • Woman-owned

Stories Like Me‘s mission is to be the most comprehensive and accessible resource for diverse and empowering children’s literature. Stories Like Me, with a new physical location in Squirrel Hill, strives to promote equality, equity, and inclusion, both in literature and in life.

Book: Santa In The City

A little girl’s belief in Santa is restored in this ode to the magic of Christmas. This is a holiday gift readers will treasure for years to come! With bold, colorful illustrations that capture the joy of the holidays, this picture book from award-winning author Tiffany D. Jackson and illustrator Reggie Brown is not to be missed. Hardcover.


Book: Latkes and Applesauce: A Hanukkah Story

A cat and dog create a Hanukkah miracle, just in the nick of time in this updated reissue of the beloved holiday classic.

The Menashes love latkes and applesauce during Hanukkah. But a blizzard begins and erases any hope that they’ll harvest potatoes and apples in time. When a stray cat and dog show up, there’s not a lot of food to offer them, but kindness prevails, and they’re invited in. Hardcover.


Book: ‘Twas Nochebuena

’Twas Nochebuena and all through our casa
every creature was kneading tamale masa

It’s Christmas Eve, and you’re invited to a Nochebuena celebration! Follow a family as they prepare to host a night filled with laughter, love, and Latino tradition. Hardcover English & Spanish.


Outdoors & Sporting Goods

The Daggerfish Gear Co.

Pittsburgh, PA

Daggerfish Gear Co. exists to provide customers with exceptional products and information to help them learn how to take care of themselves in the wilderness. Their functional craft products are made by talented people who love their work, and our craftsmanship is guaranteed for a lifetime.

Sugar Maple Handreel

Daggerfish Handreels are handcrafted fishing kits that combine a rod, reel, and tackle box into one ultralight package. Designed for handline fishing, these reels have no moving parts – simply tie on a lure, cast out by hand, and reel back in by hand. Each kit comes with 30 yards of 8-lb premium monofilament fishing line, a lead-free tackle kit, and a wooden hand reel with 3.8 cubic inches of built-in storage space.


Streamline Deluxe Kit

The Streamline Deluxe Kit combines nearly every product from our Streamline Series to make you ready for your next backcountry fishing adventure. This box set has you ready for a day of hand line fishing with lures, wet flies, or streamers, including:

  • a Black Walnut Handreel with a lead-free bait and tackle kit,
  • a pair of surgical steel Mitten Scissors with a Streamline Holster,
  • a Streamline Fly Wallet to carry extra lures, and
  • a Streamline Sheath to easily transport your handreel on your belt or pack.


Streamline Foragers Pouch

The forest is full of tasty food, if you just know where to look! The Daggerfish Forager’s Pouch is a collapsible belt pouch made from full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather, precision cut and secured to a waxed canvas storage bag. When you find a treasure to take home, the Forager’s Pouch expands to a full liter of storage, perfect for mushrooms, berries, tinder, and more.


Panther Teeth

Pittsburgh, PA

Panther Teeth is the result of founder and owner Brad Pelkofer’s wanting to improve the comfort, fit, and performance of ice skates and athletic shoes based on his personal experiences playing hockey and using various types of athletic shoes, hiking boots and climbing shoes.

Panther Teeth for Ice Skates

Panther Teeth are an alternative lacing system that allows you to create separate zones of lace tension to create a custom fit with your ice skates. Panther Teeth prevent your laces from loosening and enhance your comfort and performance while you’re on the ice. Available in packs of 2, 4, and 6 devices.


Panther Teeth for Athletic Footwear

Panther Teeth is an alternative lacing system that allows you to create separate zones of lace tension to create a custom fit with any type of athletic footwear. Ideal for footwear used for: Running, Walking, Hiking, Trail Running, Tennis, and Pickleball. Available in packs of 2, 4, and 6 devices.


IEE Members

5 Generation Bakers/Jenny Lee Swirl Bread

At the Jenny Lee Bakery, you’ll find the only place where you can get each and every flavor of delicious all-natural bread we bake.

Aero Tech Designs

Aero Tech Designs is a cyclewear company in Pittsburgh, PA. Aero Tech Designs’ goal is to produce the best possible cycling products to serve our customers who want comfort so that riders can ride longer and feel stronger.

American Gas Lamp Works

Go from “your house” to “that house” with custom pieces that will suit your style & budget. Since 1995, American Gas Lamp Works have forged outdoor gas and electric lamps that match your design needs.

Henne Jewelers

Since 1887, Henne Jewelers has provided the Pittsburgh region and beyond with incredible engagement rings, fine jewelry, and luxury watches — all with unbeatable customer service. We are proud to be a family-owned business in its fourth generation.



Larrimor’s has been Pittsburgh’s premier fashion destination since its founding as a family business in 1939. In fact, Larrimor’s remains Pittsburgh’s only retailer to receive Esquire magazine’s “Best of Class” award, honoring exceptional retailers that have endured the test of time and remain poised to do so well into the future.

Mancini’s Bakery

Mancini’s Bakery was started in 1926 by James Mancini in a one-room bakery in the West Park neighborhood of McKees Rocks. He started by baking 100 loaves a night. It is in its 4th generation of family ownership and delivers over 10,000 loaves a day to more than 500 customers daily throughout the Greater Pittsburgh Area.

Pennsylvania Libations

Pennsylvania Libations proudly supports and sells the largest portfolio of craft libations in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. PA Libations supports and sells only Pennsylvania made spirits, wines, ciders, meads, and beers.

Sarris Candies

From boxed chocolates and peanut brittle to sugar free candy and chocolate covered pretzels, Sarris Candies offers a wide variety of premier chocolates and treats. (Eat’n Park)

Smiley® Cookies can be ordered online at and shipped anywhere in the U.S.! Each cookie is nut-free, kosher, and individually wrapped. Plus, they have online-exclusive seasonal designs for every event or celebration!

Steel City Con

The Steel City Con is the exclusive comic con of the Monroeville Convention Center.  At the Steel City Con you can meet TV and film celebrities along with experience celebrity Q & A’s, panels, celebrity photo ops, and the Artist Charity Quick Sketch. You can also take part in the Steel City Con’s cosplay, trivia contest and costume contests.

Turner’s Dairy

Since 1930, Turner’s has been producing the freshest, best tasting dairy products right here in Western Pennsylvania. Holding themselves to a Higher Standard of quality has always been at the forefront, and the products in the Turner Gift Shop are no different.


Wholey’s is dedicated to providing customers the best in service and products. The company was founded on the mission of creating happy customers by selling the freshest product at the best prices, in a friendly, fun atmosphere. While the company may have started in 1912, trhe mission has stayed the same over the years, and Wholey’s is dedicated to treating its customers like extended family.