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SBDC Success Story: Search Engine Optimization

When you hear the term SEO—Search Engine Optimization—what does it mean for a small business? As a Center of Excellence in Digital Services, the SBDC analyzes and evaluates a business’s website through 19 tests to create an action plan to improve its rankings on leading search engines.

A team of consultants follows a stringent process that takes approximately five hours to complete. Then they have a detailed meeting with the client to discuss the findings and recommend the subsequent steps. Small business owners receive a 15- to 20-page report that highlights these areas.

Feedback during Q4 from clients included:

“Janice, this information is amazing, and I’m very grateful.”

Sanctuary Christian Counseling

“Thank you for helping me to understand the importance of a mobile-friendly website. I had no idea that my website didn’t work well on a smartphone.”

Recognition Awards and Trophies

E-commerce and search engine optimization go hand in hand, and the SBDC is here to help small business owners understand the digital landscape. To inquire about an SEO analysis for your business’s website, contact