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SBDC Success Story: Eye Care on 3rd

Eye Care on 3rd Owners at Bridgeway Capital offices

With vision care services dwindling in their area, doctors Sheri Sturm and Tiffany Burick knew they had a great opportunity to start a practice in their New Brighton community. With the backing of their combined 25 years of experience in the field, the pair opened Eye Care on 3rd, a private medical practice specializing in comprehensive eye care including eye exams, refractions, glasses, contacts, and post-operative management. 

Sheri and Tiffany have jumped right into the excitement by planning all of their goals for year one in business. The doctors have purchased their own building and have started gaining patients. With their operations underway in their new practice, the duo are engaged in hiring a technician, optician, and administrative employee. They also plan to increase their marketing tactics with social media, website creation, and community outreach. As they become more established, their ultimate goal is to provide necessary healthcare to their underserved community. 

Sheri first learned of the University of Pittsburgh SBDC in the very beginning of 2022. She scheduled her first one-on-one consulting appointment to share their business idea and seek general startup assistance. After the initial conversation with a consultant, Sheri understood what steps they needed to take to be prepared to make the commitment to becoming business owners both personally and professionally. Since the initial meeting, Sheri and Tiffany continued to work on suggested next steps including market research, writing a business plan, and determining their total project cost. Their hard work, preparation and commitment paid off when they were approved and closed on their loan with Bridgeway Capital

Eye Care on 3rd will continue work with their consultant at the University of Pittsburgh SBDC on a regular basis to evaluate business operations, review sales goals, and optimize performance. Given the commitment displayed by Sheri and Tiffany, the Pitt SBCD has no doubt Eye Care on 3rd will successfully serve the community they care so deeply about.