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SBDC Success Story: Butcherine’s Distributor

Storefront of Butcherine's Distributor in Boyer, PA

A Small Local Business with Next Generation Ownership & Same Family-Oriented Experience!

Natalie and Adam Clark are taking on new ownership of Butcherine’s Distributor, a well-known, customer-focused, family-oriented business in Boyer, PA, owned for the last 24 years by Natalie’s parents, Don and Beth Butcherine. Natalie and Adam’s direct involvement with the business over the years, along with their extensive backgrounds in Business Administration, Marketing, Management, and Customer Service have prepared them for this acquisition and for the ongoing success of the business. The Clarks value their community and have goals to continue Don and Beth’s legacy of giving back to the community through the business’s sponsorship of fundraisers and events.

Natalie reached out to the University of Pittsburgh Small Business Development Center in July 2021 for assistance with a loan they were seeking in order to purchase the business. After a thorough review of the developed business and marketing plan, as well as financial projections, and after a series of detailed consulting meetings with the Pitt SBDC, Natalie and Adam were on their way to completing this acquisition. After careful thought and consideration, they decided on a seller financing loan in which they will purchase the business directly from Natalie’s parents on an Article of Agreement.

“We are extremely thankful to the Pitt SBDC for their hard work and dedication to small businesses. They worked hard to ensure our success and I will be forever thankful to the Pitt SBDC,” said Natalie Clark of Butcherine’s Distributor. “[Pitt SBDC consultant] Christina [Wilcox] was thorough, quick to respond, and extremely supportive and helpful. I was not sure where to start before meeting with her and she got me on the right track and helped me through the entire process.”

Natalie and Adam are excited to take on this new chapter in life and to continue in the footsteps of Natalie’s parents. They have long term goals set to ensure they are successfully retaining their regular customers as well as gaining additional customers with new and exciting products down the road. The local community will continue to benefit from the superior customer service they get at Butcherine’s Distributor, and they can feel confident as the business will continue in the efforts to give back to the local community.

Picture of the family of Natalie and Adam Clark of Butcherine's Distributor