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PNC Lunch & Learn Recap

Last week members and guests attended a Lunch & Learn held by PNC Bank, an IEE Sponsor, on fraud prevention.   Attendees learned a range of actions they can take as business owners and as consumers to avoid fraud. Did you know that 62% of businesses in the US were targeted for fraud in 2014? And 90% of data security breaches impact small business with less than $10 million in revenue?

PNC speakers discussed ways for businesses to mitigate and prevent fraud including using positive pay for check deposits. Positive pay helps prevent payment of unauthorized checks by comparing checks presented for payment against the client’s check issue data. PNC also discussed the different types of data security threats to businesses and how the new chip credit card technology is helping to dramatically reduce security breaches and fraud.

Special thanks to Brian Dandrea, Linwood Mitchell, Jessica Miglioretti, and David West from PNC for an informative and engaging Lunch & Learn!


Katie Robison

Membership Manager