PantherlabWorks Concept to Commercialization Program Team Application

This application is to be used if you are applying to the PantherlabWorks Concept to Commercialization Program. Completed applications will be submitted to Victoria Hassett, Director, PantherlabWorks.

About the program

Participants will complete an 10-week online program which will prepare you and your team to further your invention/technology for commercial viability. Attendees will be assigned a mentor and will have office hours with the teaching team and mentor weekly. Participants will be expected to spend up to 10 hours between individual workshops on course learning, presentations, and customer discovery.

Throughout the course of the program, you will learn how to:

  • Build value propositions based on customer discovery & segmentation.
  • Size your market.
  • Properly evaluate the competitive landscape & adjust your offerings.
  • Identify channels to effectively communicate with your target market.
  • Improve your revenue model and cost structure to enhance your business.
  • Identify key activities, partners, and resources for your business to thrive.
  • Compile and present a compelling pitch for various audiences.

The course will culminate with the completion of a pitch deck and presentation of a final pitch to a panel of judges.