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Member Spotlight: Bridgewater Wealth


Bridgewater Wealth, of Wexford, PA, is an established financial planning business with 25 years of experience in the Pittsburgh region. Bridgewater has differentiated itself by tailoring their consultation methods in order to take a personal approach in assisting clients with personal and financial goals. Instead of providing immediate solutions, the team spends time asking clients the right questions in order to build a wealth plan structure based on clients’ core values. This approach allows Bridgewater’s Financial Planners to develop a plan that directly reflects the families’ vision, values and goals.

Bridgewater Wealth was first introduced to the University of Pittsburgh Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence in 2005, when founder Robb McKinney sought help from IEE founder, Ann Dugan, after investing in the movie, “The Ultimate Gift.” Together, Bridgewater Wealth and the IEE organized and sponsored a movie premiere at the Byham Theater located in the Cultural District of Downtown Pittsburgh. This successful event served as the establishment for what has become a 10 year relationship between Bridgewater Wealth and the IEE. Robb McKinney graduated from the Entrepreneurial Fellows Program in 2010 and since, has remained an active participant in the IEE peer forums and has also prospered through various IEE educational programs.


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