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Pennsylvania’s Evolving Manufacturing Industry

 The Institute of Entrepreneurial Excellence strives to promote growth and development in support of Pennsylvania Manufacturing Week’s mission. Join us Friday, October 6th for our Make it Happen! workshop which includes an entrepreneurial panel, keynote address, and a resource partner matchmaking session.

October 6th is Pennsylvania Manufacturing Week, a part of a nationwide event that seeks to promote manufacturing jobs and enhance societal perceptions of the manufacturing industry. Pennsylvania has the 8th largest manufacturing industry in the country, an industry that is pivotal in supporting our economy, increasing available jobs, and promoting entrepreneurship.

In an effort to promote Pennsylvania’s manufacturing industry, the Makers’ Movement initiative in Pittsburgh is in full swing!  Along with this movement came “Makerspaces,” which are public workshops that provide people with spaces to make, create, and collaborate with others to produce new ideas and products. Many of the skills fostered in makerspaces translate to manufacturing careers, and allow students and encore entrepreneurs alike to experience what it’s like to craft and create something of their own.  This hands-on experience can lead to success in the manufacturing industry and promote the development of a small business mindset. Here in Pittsburgh, institutions like the MAC (Manufacturing Assistance Center) , The Republic Food Enterprise Center , a multitude of schools, and even the Children’s Museum offer Makerspaces, allowing people at any age to develop not only creative skills but also interpersonal and team building skills as they work together to develop new ideas.

“Manufacturing in Pennsylvania drives innovation, and we continue to see Pittsburgh companies creating and adopting groundbreaking technologies, said Jessica Sinclair, Director of PantherlabWorks at the University of Pittsburgh.  “At the same time, we are training the next generation of manufacturing workers, focusing on advanced technical and STEM skills. Pennsylvania Manufacturing Week introduces students and their families to explore career opportunities by giving them a behind the scenes look at what manufacturing is today.”