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Lifelong Opportunities in Business and the 2019 Entrepreneurial Fellows Class

There is a lot to be thankful for in the world of small business! Whether it’s the independence that only a small business can provide or the ability to become an entrepreneur at any age, small business provides opportunities to learn throughout one’s entire life. Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate the aspects of our lives that we have come to appreciate, and we are recognizing our appreciation for the opportunities for lifelong learning in business.

Many entrepreneurs can trace their success to lifelong learning. According to Forbes, lifelong learning is the fundamental key to successful entrepreneurship, and it’s important for all people to continue to learn and grow mentally. If you’re not learning, how can you expect to grow and adapt to the growing trends of modern business? According to Neil Patel, some of the biggest trends in entrepreneurship to look for in 2018 and beyond are disruptive technology, the internet of things, and working remotely.

  • Disruptive Technology: Don’t worry, the name is more intimidating than it really is! Disruptive technology just refers to new technology that innovates whatever market it’s in, thus disrupting current processes. However, new technology often makes processes more efficient or cheaper, so disruptive technology can be a positive, as long as you continue to learn about the new processes!
  • The Internet of Things: You know how there are things like the Amazon Alexa which can help control certain parts of your home like the thermostat or your coffee maker? Well, this network of devices is called the Internet of Things, and it can help make your life and business a lot more efficient! To go back to the previous examples, you could save money by turning the heat off in the office when no one is there, or you could save time by getting the coffee ready from a different room!
  • Working Remotely: Because of the way the internet connects our lives, many more people are now working remotely! Even entrepreneurs are getting to the point where many of them could work from home, with Fortune reporting that 15% of small business owners could work in pajamas if they wanted to!

Are you an entrepreneur interested in participating in an experience designed to help you succeed? The IEE’s annual Entrepreneurial Fellows Class is a dynamic, results-oriented educational experience designed to provide business leaders with the direction, knowledge, and connections to take their business to the next level. For more information, watch the video below.

Click the video above to watch a more in-depth description of the Entrepreneurial Fellows Class!

To learn more about the Entrepreneurial Fellows Class and how you can benefit from this unique community of entrepreneurs, resources, and opportunities, contact program manager Nicole Hudson at or call 412-648-1545.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, and remember to give thanks to all that you’ve learned over your lifetime!