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Welcome to the Institute’s new website

I am confident you will find it easy to navigate and full of useful information.

”New” is an adjective we’ve been using quite a bit around the Institute. It describes the University’s new Innovation Institute, which the Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence has become part of. And, as you know, we recently unveiled our 2013 annual report and announced the creation of our new Entrepreneur Hotline before Institute members and the media at Turner Dairy Farms, resulting in quite a bit of coverage.

The hotline—1-844-PITTIEE—is designed to make the Institute’s resources more widely known among area entrepreneurs. Institute staff members are answering hotline calls and providing free advice throughout March to entrepreneurs on starting, growing or transitioning a business.

New also describes the topics that will be covered in upcoming member programs. A new executive director—my successor—will be named soon.

While changes are exciting, our mission remains the same: to be the innovative leader of economic renewal and growth serving enterprising people and businesses in the region. Our commitment to entrepreneurs like you is as strong as ever with our staff dedicated to bringing you the resources, programs and services to help you achieve the Power to Prosper.

I hope you will make frequent use of our new website and that it becomes an important resource for you. We welcome your feedback.

Ann Dugan