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AELS: “Building Your Great Leadership Style” w/ Bryan Whittington

Accelerated Entrepreneurial Leadership Series 2022 Session #2 – LEADERSHIP

Instructor: Bryan Whittington, Managing Member, ebs/Growth

Technically anyone can be a leader if they have someone who follows. The question is, however, what makes a person a great leader? Arguably, the greatest leaders know how to build a team of self-motivated people around a shared mission, and then allow their team to work to bring that vision to life.

There are several popular methodologies for leadership, whether it’s a Level-5 leader in Jim Collins’ book, Good to Great, a Servant Leader in its various forms, Situational Leadership, or something else. But for every framework, the main question isn’t “what is it?”, but more importantly “how do I do it?”

In this working session we’ll engage in several exercises to help you learn key strategies and concepts to employ with your team. We’ll show you:

  • Ways to uncover your culture and simple tactics to reinforce it throughout your organization.
  • How to identify a right-fit employee throughout your hiring process.
  • How to hold your team accountable without micromanagement.
  • Ways to understand team members’ motivators and how to spark them.

After this course, leaders should have actionable takeaways to begin employing with their own teams that will transform their leadership abilities.

About the Accelerated Entrepreneurial Leadership Series

Small business leadership requires managing the present while preparing for the future. Wherever you are in your business lifecycle, the Accelerated Leadership Series certificate program offers four valuable educational topics relevant to founders, CEOs, and business leaders working to propel growth for their organizations. Get to where you want to be faster with the IEE’s Accelerated Leadership Series.


Full Certificate (all 4 sessions) – member/EFC alumni rate: $395

Full Certificate – non-member/alumni rate: $550

Individual session(s): $195

April 7, 2022
8:00 am - 11:00 am
Rivers Club
301 Grant St., Suite #411, Pittsburgh, PA 15219