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AELS: “Different Asset Financing Patterns” w/ Bob Hogan

Accelerated Entrepreneurial Leadership Series 2022 Session #1 – Finance

Instructor: Bob Hogan, President, Hipereon, Inc.

This session will discuss three different asset financing patterns and how they should be properly financed. Learn why Assets are the worst enemy of any business. Acquiring Fixed Assets is a critical decision most business owners face, with the question being how you justify their acquisition. This session will also discuss techniques used to validate fixed asset purchases. Participants will learn the three dominant categories of assets used in a business, their justification, and how they should be financed.

About the Accelerated Entrepreneurial Leadership Series

Small business leadership requires managing the present while preparing for the future. Wherever you are in your business lifecycle, the Accelerated Leadership Series certificate program offers four valuable educational topics relevant to founders, CEOs, and business leaders working to propel growth for their organizations. Get to where you want to be faster with the IEE’s Accelerated Leadership Series.


Individual session(s): $195

Full Certificate (all 4 sessions) – member/EFC alumni rate: $395

Full Certificate – non-member/alumni rate: $550

March 3, 2022
8:00 am - 11:00 am
Rivers Club
301 Grant St Suite 411, Pittsburgh, PA 15219