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Accelerated Leadership Series #2: Leadership

“Creating Freedom and Innovation through Discipline and Consistency”

Instructor: Bryan Whittington, Managing Member, ebs/Growth


Who likes discipline and consistency is boring; however, what if discipline meant freedom and consistency was the key?

Success, whatever that looks like for you, requires disciplined consistency which results from accountability.

Accountability requires these three things:

  • Self – we don’t give or accept excuses
  • Clarity of expectations of self & others
  • Transparency of performance for all

In this session we’ll learn how to eliminate the excuses that we get from our people, and maybe that we can sometimes give ourselves.  We’ll also give you a simple formula to eliminate misunderstanding of expectations.  Lastly, we’ll tackle how numbers can tell us the health of our organization.  Knowing our numbers, understanding how to read the story that they tell and what to do about the story that our numbers tell us to improve performance comes from tracking our leading and lagging key performance indicators.

Be ready for some transparent conversation and to get down to business because this will be an interactive working session.

Individual Session Pricing: $195

April 8, 2021
8:00 am - 11:00 am