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Siddharth Farzala

Siddharth recently graduated in dual degree MBA in MS-MIS from the University of Pittsburgh. HWith a strong background in statistics, finance, and data science, he is excited to leverage my skills combining technology and business to help organizations make data-driven decisions. One of his strengths is that of a data enthusiast who enjoys applying data analysis to extract insights from large data sets and then visualizing them to create a meaningful story. My passion for strong client-service consists of four years of experience where I honed my skills to proactively offer suites of products and services to a range of clients. Siddharth also has worked in 14 different cities around the world, giving him valuable global experience that has helped him learn from and collaborate with people having diverse perspectives and experiences. Outside of his professional work, Sid likes to watch documentaries on history and U.S. Presidents, tennis, soccer and cricket.