Entrepreneurial Fellows Class (EFC)

EFC is designed to empower CEOs, founders and the next generation of family business leaders to enhance their knowledge and expertise in managing and growing their businesses. By exploring an integrative business framework and strategically analyzing the company’s foundation, visionary leaders are challenged to rethink the approach of their business acumen.


The EFC program has had long lasting, enriching effects on me personally and professionally. As a family member in a family business, one of the most powerful moments was to be with other peers and realize I am not “alone.” I really enjoyed gaining insights and perspectives from fellow classmates that had varying roles with their businesses and it has helped me navigate some of the relationships within my own organization. I got such great perspectives from fellow classmates and still think back to conversations that made a significant impact on me.

Alexandra Gracik, EFC ’12

President/CEO Sabika

The EFC Program was an amazing experience. I felt each of the monthly class topics were speaking directly to my business. I learned so much, not only from the speakers, but also from my classmates during the roundtable discussions. These discussions allowed us to share our struggles in confidence and hear each other’s ideas on what has and has not worked in our organizations. Altogether, the EFC experience was tremendous. I have brought what I learned back to our organization and I have noticed positive improvement in those areas. Also importantly, I have gained a great network of fellow entrepreneurs that I can trust.

Lauren L’Herbier, EFC ‘18

Marketing Manager Air Duct Maintenance, Inc.

The entrepreneurial fellows class program was an enlightening experience, from the wealth of knowledge provided from the industry experts who taught classes to the exchange of ideas from the other fellows in the class. Although i have years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, i learned so much relevant information that i was able to immediately apply to my business. Within each curriculum module was a necessary component for business growth and equipped me with the knowledge and tools i needed to open my second distribution location. I highly recommend the EFC program to any CEO or business leader looking to take their business or profession to the next level!

Emmett Wilson, EFC ’18

President, Golden Triangle Distributors