Entrepreneurial Fellows Class (EFC)

EFC is designed to provide a holistic view of leadership for current leaders and an informed, strategically focused foundation for the next generations of family business leadership.


Most entrepreneurs are successful because they saw a market opportunity and seized it by starting and growing a small business. As the business grows, it gets to a size that requires the owner to deploy more sophisticated management skills.

Entrepreneurial Fellows Class (EFC) is a competitive, yearlong certificate program open to CEOs, founders, and business leaders looking to enhance their knowledge and expertise in managing and growing their businesses.

700+ alumni from western PA businesses

20+ years of established leadership programing

The IEE’s annual Entrepreneurial Fellows Class is a dynamic, results-oriented educational experience designed to provide business leaders with the direction, knowledge and connections to take their business to the next level.

This unique program is open to CEOs, founders of companies and family business leaders who have achieved at least $1 million in annual revenue. Applicants are carefully selected to bring maximum synergy and value to the class and its fellows.

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