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Building Your Best Small Business: Focusing on Diversity & Inclusion

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Diversity and inclusion initiatives play an important role for all businesses. For big companies, large campaigns can be undertaken and policies introduced to drive forward diversity initiatives. When it comes to small businesses, however, the same tactics may not be applicable but it’s just as important to establish diversity and inclusion practices within your company. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion in your small business and the best methods for you to drive these initiatives forward.

Why is diversity and inclusion important to small businesses? 

Fostering a diverse environment within your company has many advantages. A diverse team of employees increases innovation and provides a wider range of skills. With new ideas to aid your business, having a variety of minds reduces the likelihood of groupthink and increases original and inventive products and services. In addition, having a diverse and inclusive team improves the external relationships with customers and the community. As a business with a variety of differences and backgrounds, you can better recognize the needs and wants of different audiences to be able to best serve multiple communities and potential clients. 

How can your small business improve diversity and inclusion?

According to Forbes, there are four main areas small businesses should target to support diversity and inclusion: hiring, vendors, partners, and everyday choices. As discussed earlier, having a diverse workforce creates many benefits for businesses. It is easy to hire from immediate connections, but to step beyond your comfort zone will lead to many advantages. Hiring a diverse workforce, with a variety of skills, knowledge, cultures, and backgrounds will lead your business to new networks, more productivity, and creativity. 

With your external relations, it is important to continue the standard. Whether it is the relationships with your vendors, suppliers, or any partners within your community, it is important to consider how these decisions will impact, influence, and change your industry. The significance of small businesses is their ability to connect with communities and individuals. It may be outside of your norm as a business owner, or even challenging at first, but bettering your small business begins with changing your outlook on both internal and external relationships.

black office pen writing writing woman notes meeting small business brainstorming business woman