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Ann Dugan, founder of the Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence, can add news consultant to her many titles.

When CBS’ “60 Minutes” decided to produce a feature on the The McIllhenny family, a five generation family Tabasco business, Sumi (with CBS News) was thinking to do this story in late summer with a negative view of the slow growth of Tabasco Products into new markets and product line extensions, the multiple generations of family ownership and management as well as a number of multi-generational employees.

Ann was contacted by the segment producer last summer, but had a different angle on how to portray family businesses, like the McIllhenny family, on the 60 minute show. Dugan, who had interacted with the McIllhenny family, several years ago through Tulane University, was contacted by the segment producer last summer. She presented a different pathway to understand this differently and continued to give her guidance and advice over the months.

Although the 60 minutes show didn’t mention Ann, she provided the “60 Minutes” producer with positive insight into multiple generations of ownership and management of a family business. This story is important to share as it is a great family story and the Institute did some work behind the scenes to make this happen.

Here is a link to the story – Official CBS News Version: