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Agile Marketing and Generating Goodwill – How are Small Businesses Responding Quickly to Current Events and Helping Others?

In today’s world of instantly-accessible news and constantly updating current events, Marketers need to act fast to make the best use out of current events. In order to accomplish this, many small businesses are turning to Agile Marketing, a new approach to Marketing. Based on Agile Software Development, Agile Marketing is a promotional method based on responding quickly to current events and feedback. Agile advertisements are released with several different versions, use feedback to determine which version is most effective, and then the other advertisements are updated quickly to fit what was most effective. With Agile Marketing, your company can advertise quickly, efficiently, and build proper feedback to improve in the future!

For a recent example of Agile Marketing, several companies used the ”Presidential Alert” to Smartphones on Wednesday, October 3rd to promote themselves. While there was an announcement that this alert message would occur, most people were unaware and surprised when the alert hit their phones. Certain companies quickly took to capitalizing on this, with most creating humorous alerts relating to themselves, like Sports writers pointing how Penn State lost with a boneheaded play call on 4th down. Could you use the Presidential Alert to market your company? It’s probably too late at this point, which is why you need to be fast when making your content!

Another thing to keep in mind with your marketing is to try to generate goodwill. There are a lot of problems in the world, and some companies go out of their way to help others and generate goodwill for themselves in the process. For example, Microsoft recently released the Xbox Adaptive Controller, a new video game controller design that can be customized to be accessible for people with different disabilities. The controller is reasonably priced and provides a quality standard for people who had been left behind by more traditional companies.

By making this accessible controller, Microsoft was consistently praised in the video game industry and beyond for its innovation. Microsoft helped people with disabilities and helped themselves through the goodwill that they generated for their company. It was a win-win for everyone involved!

October is National Disability Awareness month, and we here at the IEE want to show our support for people with disabilities everywhere. Microsoft is a great example of a company leading the way for Disability Awareness, and we want to support other people and organizations that go out of their way to help others. If you or know someone you know has a disability, please visit UPMC’s Disability Resource listing for the greater Pittsburgh community if you need any assistance.