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10 Signs You Might Be An Entrepreneur

10 Signs You Might Be An Entrepreneur

You’re Passionate

You go to bed with ideas swirling in your head and wake up eager to make them a reality. You spend your free time creating inspiration boards, researching new technology, and reading the Steve Jobs biography. You’re not out to change the world, but you know you can make an impact.

You Have a Competitive Nature

You’re never really satisfied. You know you can always do something better and you won’t stop until it’s the best it possibly can be. Losing, even in a game of checkers, has never been an option. Quitting is also not an option.

You’re a Workaholic

You’re a workaholic solely because you give 110% in everything that you do.

You’re Curious

Your spouse, family, or friends aren’t always thrilled when the dining conversation becomes “I wonder who owns this property? What’s it worth? How old is the place?”

You’re a Self-Starter

You were always the first to jump in the pool and your first dollar came from a lemonade stand in your front yard. You’re self-motivated and you don’t wait to be told what to do.

You Think Outside the Box

You have the ability to create something out of nothing. You can spot opportunities that others have not and imagine ideas that others have not.

Rules Don’t Always Apply To You

You have no interested in doing things “by the book” and the status quo has never been your thing.

You’re Okay with Ambiguity

You have a business-driven mindset, but you can live with uncertainty. You’re brave enough to take a risk.

You Can Adapt

You’re spontaneous and you thrive in an environment that is constantly changing. Tenacity is your most well-developed trait. You know you’re going to face failures, but you welcome the challenge.

You Have Self-Confidence

You know you’re capabilities, but you also know that the sky is your limit. “Can’t” has been eliminated from your vocabulary and even when others may, you never underestimate yourself.

Entrepreneurs are a very talented group of individuals that have a profound understanding of business, a unique perspective, and overwhelming passion to somehow make someone’s life better through a product or service. Entrepreneurship can be vigorous and challenging, but at the end of the day, extremely rewarding.

Entrepreneurs can emerge from any career, any stage of life, and any background. It’s not too late to put your ideas on the table.

         Take the first step.

Written by Lauren Kucic, IEE Marketing Intern Fall ’15