For the development and growth of family businesses, startups, and small businesses of any kind

Part of the University of Pittsburgh’s Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, the Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence has served businesses throughout western Pennsylvania for more than 25 years. Offering a dynamic mix of consulting, education, and networking opportunities, the IEE strives to be an innovative leader in economic development in the region.

Educational Events

The IEE conducts more than 100 events a year for entrepreneurs at all levels of their entrepreneurial journeys

Building Connections

Grow your network of western PA business owners, from new entrepreneurs to multi-generational family business owners

Confidential Business Consulting

Our team of seasoned practitioners and experts can help business owners through one-to-one consulting about all aspects of a business

Business Leadership Certificate Programs

Our two flagship certificate programs from the University of Pittsburgh are designed specifically for the situations and needs of the business owners they serve

Opportunities and Resources

As part of the University of Pittsburgh, The IEE has access to a growing list of resources and opportunities relevant to entrepreneurs of every level

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