As an organization built on connections, the Institute recognizes the importance of networking for business leaders. Since its founding the IEE has provided various opportunities for members to become better connected with those in their fields and beyond.

Opportunities begin with IEE staff members who are well connected in the community. They are leaders of professional organizations, serve on boards, and have community presence that results in important contacts for IEE members and clients.

A Wealth of Connections

The educational programs not only provide access to valuable information on topics of interest to entrepreneurs, but attendees have the opportunity to meet and get to know business leaders and other thought leaders. Networking is a depended-upon, highly valued component in the IEE’s Summer and Winter Socials, regularly attracting over 300 member and guests.

IEE programs such as the Entrepreneurial Fellows Center and the Urban Entrepreneurship Program include components that match participants with mentors from related fields. One-on-one consulting and mentoring result in members not only receiving practical advice, but also developing ongoing relationships with top business professionals.

IEE members support each other while actively building our regional supply chain and beyond. A directory is available to Members on our Member Login page.

In addition, the IEE’s Advisory Board composed of business leaders from across the region, provides yet another opportunity for members to make important connections within the business community.

“Connections and networking are the benefits I value most from the IEE.”
Norman Childs, Owner, Eyetique

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