Weavertown Environmental Group

dawn-donaldThen and Now

Founded in 1981 by Donald Fuchs, Weavertown Environmental Group specializes in the transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes and emergency response in hazardous conditions. The Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence has played a significant role in the company’s continued growth and development.

Attending the family business series offered by the Institute in 1997, Mr. Fuchs learned the importance of early succession planning and immediately reached out for assistance. His vision was to keep the business in the family, but he wanted to make sure he made the right choices for both the future success of his family and business. As the process unfolded it became clear that his daughter, Dawn, was the best choice to be his successor. Through careful planning and continued interaction with the Institute, it is clear that Don’s entrepreneurial spirit has continued with Dawn leading the company and taking it to the next level. Now, Weavertown is the Mid-Atlantic region’s premier provider of environmental hauling and remediation.

“The Institute has helped to put our company on a growth path for all Weavertown business lines throughout the United States, while retaining our focus on the core values of remaining closely-held and headquartered in western Pennsylvania.”
Dawn Fuchs, President


jim-wPlanning for the Next 100 Years

Perhaps one of Pittsburgh’s most valued and recognized businesses, the original Robert Wholey & Co., Inc. continues its 100 year tradition of serving customers with the finest and freshest fish, seafood, meat and poultry available anywhere. Several years ago, co-owner Jim Wholey came to the Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence for guidance on business operations, governance, succession planning and business mentoring. An Advisory Board of Directors was formed that assisted the family as they sold production and wholesale operations and moved their focus to their retail location in the Strip District. As of 2013, the Wholey family has been deeply involved in the consulting and educational programs offered by the Institute. The mentoring, coaching and governance assistance they receive helps them to ensure that the business and “Wholey’s Experience” thrives for the next 100 years.

“The counseling on succession planning and mentoring provided by the Institute was invaluable and has helped my family continue to prosper while our business legacy remains as strong. While the process wasn’t always easy, the Institute’s encouragement and advice were important in enabling me to address succession planning in a way that will continue to benefit the Wholey family and our business for years to come.”
Jim Wholey, Co-Owner