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Why Hire an Intern?

With over 18,000 undergraduate students across nine different schools, the University of Pittsburgh offers a variety of talent for organizations looking to hire student interns or recent graduates. An internship opportunity is invaluable real-world experience for students, and member companies can benefit from a competitive pool of young talent before committing an employee to a full time position. Additional benefits include:

  • The convenience and flexibility of hiring additional staff during peak seasons.
  • A chance for junior-level managers to gain supervisory experience.
  • The opportunity to screen and work with potential entry-level employees prior to making a full-time commitment.
  • Establishing a good reputation in the recruiting marketplace that will generate an increased pool of qualified candidates to meet future recruiting needs.




Designing an Internship

A well designed internship program will benefit both the student and employer. Before hiring an intern it is advised to establish objectives and expectations for both parties. Employers should consider the following:

  • Creating a job description that outlines duties or projects associated with the internship.
  • Mapping out the length and timing of the internship, working hours, applicant selection criteria, and appropriate compensation.
  • Selecting a direct supervisor to provide training and feedback throughout the duration of the internship.


How to Hire an Intern

The partnership between the Institute and the CDPA is designed to facilitate the internship hiring process while also engaging our member companies in the recruiting process. By working directly with the University companies can take advantage of …

  • Career and Internship Fairs at the University of Pittsburgh in the Fall and Spring.
  • Space for on-campus interviews at the William Pitt Union
  • Handshake, the online career management system exclusively for University of Pittsburgh undergraduate and graduate students

Resources for Employers

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