IT ProgramInformation technology (IT) is the glue that binds a company’s operations together, including internal communication, inventory control, sales processes, risk management and customer relations. But unless you are knowledgeable about IT, how can you be sure that your current platforms and systems are meeting your needs and strategic goals?

The IEE’s Information Technology services provide the expertise to help your company evolve your current technology platforms and strategically incorporate new ones. Analyze and enhance your IT strategies and investments to create operational efficiencies and integration, guide your organization, plan for the future and outperform the competition. The result? IT systems that are a source of strength and competitive advantage for your business today and tomorrow.

The IT consulting process takes an in depth look at

  • Analysis
  • Operational Integration
  • Strategy

It doesn’t matter what your budget is or the type of company you own, your business can benefit from assistance which is brand and product neutral. Fees are determined on a per-project basis.

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To learn more about the IEE’s Information Technology Program, contact executive director Robert Stein at or call 412-648-1544.

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