Onshore vs. Offshore Software Development: Making an Informed Decision

When: Thursday, July 23 2015

Time: 7:30-9:30AM

Where: Rivers Club

Outsourcing software development for any company is a big decision.  Join Ruth Wepfer as she moderates a discussion with Rahul Asanikar, co-founder & Head-Operations of Benchmark IT Solutions, and Kevin Jones, founder of Ectobox, as they examine the differences between onshore and offshore software development.  Kevin and Rahul have over 30 years of experience delivering cost effective, quality, end-to-end software solutions to their clients, helping them to be more efficient and profitable.

When it comes to outsourcing, business leaders face tough decisions and many have questions such as:

  • I want to have an affordable application created for my company, but how do I find the right software developer?
  • Everyone knows the benefits of offshoring, however, how do you overcome challenges which come along with it?
  • I like working with local people, but why are they so expensive?
  • No matter the choice of onshore or offshore, I want the project finished on time, is that possible?

Get answers to these and other questions regarding onshore and offshore software development by joining us for an engaging discussion that will help you make technology decisions for your company.

Ectobox creates unique software applications for unique business situations for companies around Pittsburgh and the US, making the businesses more efficient and profitable.

Benchmark IT Solutions specializes in software product development and life-cycle management services with a team of about 150 people located in India.

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